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Ecosustainable hotels in Naples

14 December 2015

Sustainability in the heart of the Sun City and new measures for sustainable development

Naples, although the recent problems linked to ecosustainability, in particular regarding to the waste crisis has, nevertheless, recently undertaken a number of ecologic initiatives like the "Bike EnergyDay" that in six meetings dealt with the topic of sustainable mobility. Another important topic was the memorandum of understanding signed by Confesercenti and Legambiente to promote responsible and eco-friendly tourism in non-hotel accommodations in Campania or "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Conference" to be held in April next year and seen as partner the company "Mobilità" which will present a series of innovative low environmental impact products. For your green events Neapolitans could sleep here:

Hotel Cristina
Via Diocleziano 109
Hotel Cristina, strategically located in Naples in the Fuorigrotta district, is actively engaged in preserving the environment with a series of eco-friendly choices. Meanwhile, the building is entirely in A class and low environmental impact thanks to the use of renewable energy sources. The air conditioning system will automatically turn off when you open the windows and lights are energy saving. Clearly recycling is a standard practice and the bathrooms have courtesy sets with detergents bulk.Hotel Cristina has an EcoOpinion of 2.8 points.

Casa Mira Napoli
Via Giordano Bruno 169
Casa Mira Napoli is located a few steps from the seafront Lungomare Caracciolo. The B&B in addition to recycling, uses energy saving lamps and organizes fantastic trekking excursions on the Amalfi Coast! Casa Mira Napoli gets a score of 1.9 points.

La Rosa e il Peperoncino
Via Michelangelo Schipa 66
La Rosa e il Peperoncino is a traditional family management B&B located in the Chiaia district, few steps walking from Mergellina zone. Managers have installed a solar panel system and make even cooking oil recycling. Also minimize the use of plastic and use only eco-friendly soaps and detergents! La Rosa e il Peperoncino achieves an EcoOpinion of 1.9 points.

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