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Ecosustainable restaurants in Milan

28 October 2015

Where to go when Expo and Italian Pavilion will be closed

«The big feast», especially of queues, at the Milan Expo is going to turn at the end. The theme, almost overshadowed, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is still very beloved to us of The GreenWatcher because it’s strongly linked with eco-sustainability. This week we offer you 5 little ideas for your dinners, brunches or snacks after Milan Expo.

Via Pavia 10
Impossible to classify the hospitality of this restaurant: a little bit French, a little bit seventies, a little bit vintage.
The menu is very huge and includes selected dishes not only from Italy, accompanied by a plentiful wine list. For lunch you can reserve and order directly by e-mail and find everything ready at your arrival, but we suggest you to take it more easy or, if you live in the area, they can bring it all at your home.

The Anadima EcoAsses is 7.6.

Via Fatebenefratelli 2
They define themselves organic oasis and who could blame they! If you are greedy but you want healthy eating this is the place for you. Take advantages throughout all the day: from breakfast to a quick-lunch, from afternoon snack to an appetizer until your dinner time comes, also vegetarian. We like the pizza made with flour of ancient grain grinded by millstone.

The Bioesserì EcoOpinion is up to 3.2.

Capra e cavoli
Via Pastrengo 18
Here nothing is left to chance to make feel you like at home. Barbara (the white chef) and Luca (the black chef) will impress you with their colors. Homemade bread, vegetarian recipes but not only, all take-away also. The open kitchen will entertain you while waiting for your organic foods.

EcoOpinion of our users is 2.9.

Piazza Buozzi 5
Here the keyword is vegan food. The ingredients are short distribution chain and come from biodynamic or organic farming. Your covered and take-away packaging are 100% biodegradable and compostable. It’s a self-service directly from the bar with wooden trays.

Radicetonda has an EcoOpinion of 2.9.

Naturalmente a Milano
Via Buonarroti 15
It’s the Rigoni di Asiago bistrot-shop, that is a leader company in manufacturing organic jam. But this is a real bistrot, where you'll find many organic foods freshly prepared. Inside you’ll discover a delightful vertical garden and furnished according to the dictates of sustainable architecture.

Your EcoOpinion is 2.8.

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For those who still don’t know:
the EcoAsses is the certified value of the company's sustainability and ranges from 0 to 10
the EcoOpinion is the perceived value of sustainability of users at sites they have been to and goes from 0 to 5