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Organic foods in Florence

7 March 2016

Where you can buy organic foods in the ecosustainable Florence!

Shops, markets and herbalist's shops in Florence, small for the dimensions but big for their green substance for the large variety of organic foods that they offer.

Organic and health food store
Borgo Pinti 91r
Organic and health food is a shop that can be hidden for its small dimensions, but certainly it does not pass by unnoticed for its totally green banner. And green is not only the colour but also the substance. Indeed inside you can find healthy and organic foods, from fruit and vegetables to fresh bread, desserts and many other products for a wide selection that can satisfy everyone.
The EcoOpinion for Organic and health food is 2.7

Borgo San Frediano 40
Developing local productions and organic foods to respect the planet, the environment, the people and being ecosustainable. These are the thoughts that direct the selection of organic products exclusively offered by Bioethique. Quality, naturalness, freshness with particular attention to the prices to make them low and competitive. The aim is offering always natural and seasonal products, organic and certified, from organic foods to make up.
The EcoOpinion for Bioethique is 2.4 on The GreenWatcher!

Sugar Blues
Via Dei Serragli 57/R
Sugar Blues is a herbalist's shop that offers a wide selection of tea, tisanes and other natural remedies for your health. You can find also organic foods and natural supplements. Sugar Blues promotes a healthy eating for a proper macrobiotic diet to rebalance the functions of the body with a qualitative and quantitative combination between different kinds of food.
The EcoOpinion for Sugar Blues is with a score of 1.2

L'albero della vita
Via D. M. Manni, 43/45
L'Albero della Vita herbalist's shop is a place for the wellness of body and mind. Between a lot of products for sale, you can find natural make up, food supplements, vegan and organic foods. L'Albero della vita is also Center of Naturopathic Consultations with specific programs and spa treatments, studied to meet the different needs of its customers, for example for people suffering from food intolerances or simply for who is looking for further information about natural remedies.
L'Albero della vita reaches an EcoOpinion of 1.2

Via del Podestà 121/P
Palm-Orto is the graden in the city. It grows and sells certified organic vegetables and fruit together with eggs from free range hens, feeded with organic feed. The growing is made with traditional systems like the crop rotation and using specific plants for the repellency of parasites. Together with traditional techniques Palm-Orto tests also new advanced systems in the agriculture sector like the energizer of irrigation water. Besides the activity cooperates with the schools to promote a cultivation that respects the environment and the ecosustainability.
Palm-Orto has an EcoOpinion of 0.7 on The GreenWatcher!

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