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Sustainable restaurants in Turin

22 December 2015

Ecosustainability is very linked to biological world...

How biological restaurants are really characterized? Usually, they associate energy saving to a very simple idea: that of respect for environment and ecosystem in a huge sense, reducing at a minimum level environmental impact and, in some cases, avoiding to eat animal meats. In this case, as known, we talk about vegetarian habits, while, if we avoid every meal coming from animals we talk about vegan habits.

Soul Kitchen
Via Santa Giulia 2
At Soul Kitchen you will find a number of vegetarian, vegan and raw foodists served in a rustic chic place with rough plaster and recycled furnishings. This restaurant shows us that from a very simple principle, upon sustainability is based on, you can create menus to everyone, for vegans, vegetarians and not, in a new style that at the same time uses recycling materials and almost totally km0 products. Soul Kitchen, in our portal, has got an EcoOpinion of 2.8.

Exki biologico
Via Pietro Micca 2
This restaurant offer lots of services such as take away and a series of promotions. Among the most recent, a coupon of 1 euro on centrifuged and smoothies and a chance to win a lunch… the selection is enriched with certified organic foods. Healthy eating is really a mantra for Exki: in its web site you’ll also find a blog section that gives you some advices and informations such as: what is recommended to eat before and after a training, organic recipes…Exki biologico has got an EcoOpinion of 2.4.

Gastronomia Vegana
Via Dante di Nanni 16
This place has distinguished himself not only for its vegan and vegetarian cooking, which offers a range of fresh and organic meals, but also for the proposal of meetings designed to communicate the concept of ecosustainability. Among the most recent we rember the meeting with Massimo Poti to discover the invisible relationships between the way we represent the world and the way we see it, and then the way we take our right or wrong decisions. Gastronomia Vegana also offers a series of cooking courses: tofu, seitan, raw food meals, organic cookies… showing that it’s fundamental not only communicate values that characterized our choices, but also the practical implications that from thought become actions. Gastronomia Vegana gets an EcoOpinion of 1.1.

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