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Sustainable shops in Turin

18 December 2015

Environment and self care... make it enjoyable with ecosustainable shops!

Have you ever thought that the environment care (and of yourself) goes through what you eat, you use for washing dishes, cleaning your skin, doing the washing... today our guide proposes three different shops that answer to the need of who cares about sustainability and who loves making new constructive experiences, useful for theirselves and others.

Profumo dei sensi
Via Vigone 4
"Profumo dei sensi" was born in 2010 in Turin from the passion for aesthetics and cure of the body. It is the first organic perfumer specialized in ecological cosmetics, with an eco-sustainable vocation. The shop values are strongly based on an aesthetic ideal without having a negative impact neither on the person nor on nature, by restricting and contrasting pollution phenomenon and promoting low environmental impact. Among the many certifications they got we remember NATRUE, well-known, which guarantees the quality of organic products and the constant attention to eco-sustainability.

La casa degli Angeli
Avigliana, Corso Laghi 13
In Avigliana, in Turin province, you will find "La casa degli angeli", a shop specialized in organic and natural products. The main aims are proposing to the public products of every kind (clothes in certified organic yarn and items for baby, cosmetics, books, toys, educational materials and artistic non-toxic, spun and carded wool, woold padding, bags of hemp, organic food) that share the unique idea of eco-sustainability: the nature as fundamental row material and productive processes respecting for the environment.

Corso Obassano 248
Corso Moncalieri 194
It couldn't miss in our review some advice about healthy eating. Indeed, if you want this, go to NaturaSì: this chain of supermarkets adds, to promoting a good relation between quality and price, a philosophy anti GMO (genetically modified organisms) which are the result of the genes insertion in a kind of DNA of another one, that sometimes is combined without any control causing unwanted effects. Organic food of NaturaSì are really the combination of eco-sustainability and organic foods! Indeed they are the result of an agricultural method that conciliates production and environment: in NaturaSì opinion every granule, every plate, every field represents a resource of life to respect and love”… this is realized by not using fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and chemical fungicides.

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