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23 March 2015

Becoming aware of the importance of our sustainable actions and share it with users and customers is important to increase public awareness

Every day we perform sustainable actions, sometimes without realizing it, even when we are at work or in the office. Becoming aware of the importance of our sustainable actions and share it with users and customers is important to increase public awareness
Some offices have already thought about sustainability and have made the EcoAssessment of their workplace and now can show the public their EcoScore!

"Studio Romualdi" is an sustainable Architectural practice based the in city center of Florence and specialized in sustainable renovations operated through an integrated design system that allows you to achieve results in terms of economic savings, design and wellness. 
Analyzing their EcoAssessment, regarding eco-friendly materials, products and waste management, we can see that the business recycles the 50 % of wastes, the 65 % of the total goods they uses/sells are eco-friendly while 63 % of the furnishings are made of ecomaterials. The emissions due to logistics are 1.99 CO2 / sq m, while the business energy consumption are 0.50 kWh / sq m
The total EcoScore is 6.5!

Babylonia - fair translation services is an sustainable translations office based in Bolivia that creates working opportunities for local language experts.
Analyzing in details their EcoAssessment regarding eco-friendly materials, products and waste management, we can notice that the 40 % of the total goods used by the office are eco-friendly and the business recycles the 100 % of wastes! The emissions due to logistics are equal to 0.17 kg CO2 / sq m and the estimated energy consumption are 0.50 kWh / sq m
 total EcoScore is 7.8, an excellent result!

Did you use other eco-friendly methods to increase the environmental ecosustainability of your office? Share your ecosustainable experience with all of us!