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Business and sustainability

10 September 2015

The GreenWatcher & Autogrill for the sustainable business

Why investing in sustainability? How to create really effective initiatives? Is a worthwhile cooperation between companies possible? And between public and private organizations? Which results could generate and which advantages for communities?
Autogrill, in the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the publication of its first ever Sustainability Report, gather his partners, stakeholders, instituions and international reserch centers to an open debate, with global perspectives.

In recent years relevant progresses in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility has been achieved, also thanks to the increasing awareness of the strong correlation between the ethical and the social dimensions with the economic one. In the current global scenario, there is a growing and increasingly widespread belief that is crucial to invest into development processes that, starting from CSR policies, will make real projects to happen.

On September 18th, the guests of Autogrill and Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin will be invited to exhibition of start-ups, active in sustainable and second life projects. On this occasion, The GreenWatcher has been callet to testify as innovative italian start up, created to spread a new sustainability, captivating and understandable.  The issue of the people's involvement will be the focus of The GreenWatcher's intervention.
The eco-sustainability is at the base of The GreenWatcher's mission and meets an ideal partner Autogrill which for years has promoted sustainable development of its business.

The appointment is at 11.30 am of Friday, September 18 at the Coca-Cola pavilion of EXPO Milan 2015!