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Eco-sustainability: an added value for tourism

26 March 2015

Big and small eco-friendly hotels

By now the ecotourism is an economic reality with his own hospitality segment. Reasoning about the environmental weight of the hospitality industry and fulfilling this market trend, lots of hotels have begun to adopt eco-friendly policies since some years. Therefore, some hospitality structures committed in sustainable tourism were born all over the world.
In order to help consumers to understand the committment to the environment, for hotels but also for other commercial businesses, were born The GreenWatcher and the Certificate of Eco-Sustainability!
The Certificate of Eco-Sustainability is a scientific certification, that takes into account the analysis of some objective data given by the operator during the EcoAssessment, in that way it guarantees a scientific, objective and easily understandable result.
Some eco-sustainable actions are not satisfactorily communicated to the consumers, but with little attention is easy to notice the degree of a place's eco-sustainability! The certificate guarantees in a scientific way your activity's committment to protect the environment and is thought specifically to help commercial activities to communicate efficaciously their eco-friendly involvment to their customer.
Moreover, The GreenWatcher portal implements a communication, promotion and sharing service within the social networks for those businesses that EcoAssessed themselves and oriented to people interested in eco-sustainable topics. Furthermore, The GreenWatcher increases the audience awareness towards energetic and water savings.
Through this marketing service and thanks to the possibility to update the EcoAssessment when your activity puts new policies linked to eco-sustainability in practice, you'll have a system suitable for mantaining up-to-date your clients about your environmental committment!

Let's examine this topic in depth, reading these 3 big hotels' EcoAssessments, that put some eco-friendly expedients in practice.

Eco-sustainable hotel with 331 spacious and bright guest rooms, carefully designed and decorated in order to guarantee the maximum comfort!
His EcoAssessment informs us that, regarding materials used, products and waste management, the hotel recycles the 40% of the total waste produced, while to fit out the spaces they used for the 33% eco-friendly materials and uses a big percentage of eco-friendly products (30%).
From the energetic point of view, the hotel employes 1.20 kWh/sq m for his activities, furthermore the emissions due to logistics are 0.55 kg CO2/sq m.  
So the EcoScore obtained is 6.5!

It's a big hotel that makes an effort for eco-sustainability; is composed for 200 guest rooms and suites and it's decorated in a polished way with design furniture.
Analyzing its EcoAssessment, we can note that the hotel recycles the 50% of his wastes, for the outfittings he used for 28% eco-friendly materials while the percentage of eco-friendly products used or sold is 60%.
The value of energetic consumption is is 1.20 kWh/sq m and the emissions due to logistics are equal to 0.50 kg CO2/sq m, moreover the hotel uses a system of water recovery and water-savings.
The final EcoScore obtained is 6.7!

NU Hotel **** Milan
It is an hotel composed for 38 guest rooms, each one decorated in a different and refined way, using elements of contemporary design.
This hotel puts in practice some eco-sustainable actions: realizes the 63% of recycling, to build the outfittings used for the 58% eco-friendly materials and uses for the 67% eco-friendly products.
The energy used by the hotel for his activities is 0.92 kWh/sq m, while the emissions due to logistic operations amount to 0.62 kg CO2/sq m.
The EcoScore obtained at the end is 7.5!

El Abrazo del Arbol - Farm Eco Lodge Ecuador
Eco-friendly charming hotel that can accommodate up to 19 people surrounded by the tropical forest offering the opportunity to live a unique experience in contact with nature.
The overall EcoScore of this eco-friendly hotel is 7.1
In particular, the hotel makes 50% of recycling while the spaces are set up with 51% of eco-materials they use 55% of eco-products. The energy required for this activities is equal to 0.33 kWh/sq m while emissions due to logistical supplies operations amounted to 0.53 kg CO2/sq m. It is also important to note that the ecosustainable hotel buys local products and produces, in his organic garden, the ingredients used in its restaurant.