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In the Florentine’s Oltrarno green is spreading

23 May 2016

From Piazza della Passera throughout to the entire Oltrarno

Oltrarno in Florence is increasingly in recent years a dynamic neighborhood despite it remains an area rich in old craft traditions. Free yet by mass tourism, it is a succession of shops, new concept stores, places to eat or just to have a drink. Ecosustainability is gaining ground gradually also thanks to The GreenWatcher users who through EcoOpinions have already largely patrolled the area but... don't stop you!

Starting from Piazza della Passera, one of the vital hubs of the neighborhood, where the Trattoria i 4 Leoni and Il Magazzino Osteria Tripperia have already created a green corner by choosing to EcoAssessed themselves with our website, our map of eco-sustainability leads us to discover also Ristorante Gesto, just a few hundred meters away. If you happen to go you’ll can notice the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!
But Oltrarno is not just healthy eating. In Via Romana you can find Reciclò, a concept store full of furnishings designed recycling materials under the banner of ecosustainability. Its EcoAssess is 7.2.
If you are coming from out of town, take it easy, take a couple of days to Casa Vacanza Buontalenti and take advantage of it, between the visit to Cappella Brancacci and Palazzo Pitti, to lose yourself in the streets of the neighborhood to explore anything that it can offer, you'll fall in love with it...

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