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Green to be preserved

10 April 2017

The new law on green protected areas

Green is never enough! We often speak about the importance of green for the ecosustainability of our planet and the need of our cities to be purified by trees and gardens. The only problem is that the time between say that and do it can be longer than we expect. So in the meantime the most reasonable thing is preserving parks and natural heritages that occupy a large area of the italian country.

For that reason a new law on protected areas has been approved by the government to promote them and to improve their integration to the territory. A 2.0 version of the old law 394/91 that affirmed the obligation to protect all areas of the Italian territory having natural value, dividing them in National Parks, State Natural Reserves, Regional nature parks, Regional natural reserves.

As it happens when a new law is approved there are supporters against opponents. The biggest critique comes from the environmental groups. They say that some choices made by the government have remained unchanged despite the new proposals. In conclusion they do not consider it as a reform and neither as the best one.

The general thought is that an opportunity to open a larger refection on protection and management of biodiversity has been lost. Enhancement of biodiversity, preservation of environment and landscape, water balance and sustainable land management are primary topics for the preservation of our territory and for a sustainable development.

Then there is the question on the protected parks where illegal acts frequently take place as declared by the environmental groups. The new law does not consider the fact that there is not enough control to preserve these areas. After all defending the environment from poachers and illegals is essential for the preservation of the biodiversity.