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Green business: ideas for a sustainable future

19 September 2016

Thinking the future in green

In hard times where job opportunities are low investing in green seems to be one of the most promising choices for young managers that want to begin a new business. Respecting the environment and reducing the pollution are issues that are meeting with the interest of many companies. Ecosustainability is the keyword!
In the field of sustainable mobility a green business for who does not love working in the office is the home delivery by bike. There are eco-friendly businesses like this in the principal italian cities but the model can be successfully applied also in small towns. Those people who prefer cars to bikes can think about a business that is based on car sharing or car pooling. An innovative idea could be making available one or more cars to share between the residents of the same block of flats, so that they could be booked by who do not have one or by families that need an extra vehicle. If instead you love natural make up and you like taking care of your body, you can turn this passion into a job and open an eco-friendly spa, where treatments are made with organic creams and natural oils, better if they are self produced so that you can reduce supplies costs.
The Green Housecleaning comes from abroad, a new professional that takes care of cleaning of private and public spaces using only natural and eco friendly products instead of traditional chemical sprays. This kind of professional is much in demand most of all in the big companies with many employees where using irritating products can cause easily allergies and other illnesses.
Finally for those people who do not like the previous ideas there is always the recycling, the absolute art of eco-sustainability. Recovering waste materials to give them a new life can be the right way to begin an innovative, creative and green business.