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Green innovation: the smog app

24 April 2017
Technologies-for-the eco-sustainability

Technologies for the eco-sustainability

The salubility of the air is a central issue in contemporary societies and for this reason it deserves a constant attention from the European Union. The Clean Air for Europe program, for example, sets important goals to be achieved by 2030, like reducing air pollution and improving air quality.

This can be achieved through a sustainable development that can help to reduce gas emissions coming from the industry and transport sectors, the main cause of frequent acid rain. The EU has estimated pollution damage of 23 billion euros and health benefits of 40 billion euros thanks to the Clean Air for Europe program.

Considering the enormous economic expense the EU promotes the eco-sustainability and the respect of the environment also with new technologies, like, for example, social networking tools that allow citizens to assess personally the state of the environment. They are apps that measure the degree of atmospheric pollution of cities.

In this way everyone can become guardian of the air by measuring the levels of pollution in several points of the own city and every person can make the contribution to promote the eco-sustainability. It is like a participatory monitoring that involves the community and it allows you to have the direct and local perception of an environmental problem.

Another kind of service, always available by app, allows you to monitor the degree of noise pollution. Also in this case citizens have the opportunity to participate actively and they can take part in a concrete way in gathering information. So we must underline the public utility value of these new technologies if we consider that the topic of pollution concerns us all in the first person.