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Green transport initiatives

6 June 2016

Eco-easy solutions of The GreenWatcher

One of the factors that come within EcoAssess and EcoOpinions which you can find on the website and on the sustainability map of The GreenWatcher is sustainable mobility that is the set of those mobility systems able to decrease the carbon footprint generated by vehicles: pollution and land use in the first place.

Some ecologic companies with a large number of employees incentives for example the carpooling by encouraging the staff in sharing private cars between those who travel the same route home-work that, in this way, one take advantages of all consequential economic benefits. Let us quote for example the Fatebenemobilità initiative, the Italian hospital in Milan Fatebenefratelli portal, which brings together the employees to search for drivers or passengers.
Very often, even in small companies, are employees at auto-organize themselves to that effect, contributing to sustainable development.
Carpooling is common, particularly in Northern Europe and the United States, where among other things, it was also acknowledged by some traffic rules by introducing a special road signs which provides, for example, reserved lanes or parking. In Italy has started an experiment on the highway of the Lakes with reserved exit and toll at a reduced price. This route is very busy and it is expected to reduce, in part, the flow of cars.

Made available for its customers, especially by green hotel, is the bike rent, sometimes even free. The bicycle, you know, does not produce pollution but allows travel pretty fast at least in urban areas, and offers easy access to all those cars free areas and to avoid the nightmare of having to search for parking. The bike rent service is increasingly appreciated by those looking for ecotourism.

Another green practice in hospitality but also, for example, fielded by some museums, is a discount to those coming to the structure through an ecological or collective transport such as train or bus.

Clearly though the forms of mobility seen above are already sustainable in themselves, they are better if you use eco-friendly powered vehicles such as electric or natural gas.

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Do you used some ecologic transport service and you found yourself well? Tell us where with an EcoOpinion or if at your company cares about sustainability what are you waiting for have the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher?