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The guide that tells you how to recycle – special waste

13 February 2017

Find out the best way to reduce waste and become green

There is no ecosustainability without recycling! And there is no recycling without waste management! In our green guide we have spoken about the main recyclable materials and the indifferentiated ones. Now it is time to broach the topic of special waste, or those ones that we can not put in the bins containing not recyclable waste but they must be disposed of separately.

Run-down batteries
Batteries contain highly polluting materials including heavy metals like chrome, cadmium, copper and zinc that are dangerous for the environment and human health. If you dispose of them in the wrong way they can pollute the soil and groundwater. They must be put inside the provided bins located at retailers, shopping centers and supermarkets.

Expired drugs
Drugs are not eco-friendly for sure because they are not recyclable materials. They consist of active principles that can alter the natural balance of the environment. For that reason you must dispose of them in the provided bins, generally situated near pharmacies or health facilities of the cities.

Toner of printers and copiers is one of the elements to watch out. It is a fine dust placed inside a cartridge made of plastic and metal. When the toner runs out, the cartridge can be reused filling it again with toner or it can be put in the provided bins located in public bodies or in the disposal centers for dangerous waste. Once picked up by authorized companies, all traces of toner are eliminated and cartridges can be recycled.

Used clothing
old clothes and textile fabrics waste is now a new ecosustainable business. Small and big fashion industries have understood the importance that sustainable development is the only possible way to go on and they have made recycling their virtue. And if there is no sustainable development without recycling, our commitment is disposing of our old clothes in the provided yellow bins located in the streets.