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9 June 2015

Let's dance in a sustainable discotheque

The respect for the environment and the sustainable commitment of our actions never stops!
Even when we go out to have fun we love to stay attentive to the characteristics of the discotheque where we go to dance... Also the registered users of the portal The GreenWatcher are interested in the topic! In fact they made some EcoOpinion about their favorite sustainable clubs!
Nightclubs, in fact, have to face several challenges to be sustainable: recycling, reuse of glasses of cocktails and reduce energy consumption of the lighting system are just a few examples of the most important issues to be deal to improve business.
Here you can find some sustainable nightclubs shown on The GreenWatcher!

Off Corso in Rotterdam, was the first sustainable discotheque!It is lacated in a former cinema which has been converted into a trendy club and, in addition to an excellent selection of music, it have got a dancefloor with crystals that can produce piezoelectric energy. The club seeks to reduce its ecological footprint by various methods such as a label applied to identify and reuse your glass the whole night!

Temple Nightclub is a big discotheque in San Francisco where a dance floor reuse the energy produced by the movements of people dancing it is also involved in energy efficiency of the business and to produce less wastes as possible. It looks like a interesting and funny disco!

If you are in Milan test Fabrique! Born in 2014 in a former factory is a location where there are concerts, DJ sets and events and is equipped with advanced audio systems and lighting with the latest generation of LED lights

You go wild on the dance floors of these beautiful sustainable nightclubs? Tell us if you agree with the EcoOpinions of other users... and make your EcoOpinion!
It is very important for us!