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A little jewel of eco-sustainability

27 March 2017

The sustainable development of Rasiglia village

We all know that Italy is full of nice places and villages to visit but in this article we want to speak about a little jewel located in the province of Perugia, in Umbria. Today it is a small village, almost uninhabited, but it is noteworthy as example of ecosustainable urban development. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Rasiglia, the village born from water.

A little jewel of ecosustainability. The particularity that makes unique and green this ancient village is that it has grown up respecting the environment around, taking from the nature the resources for its development. A village characterized by the fascinating natural melody of a place born thanks to the water sources that have fueled its growth.

There are no shops, no bars, no restaurants. The main element is water gushing from the ground that crosses the village touching factories built just to exploit its motive force. Corn mills, wool mills, textile factories and small hydroelectric power plants were built near the waterways to exploit the power of the water.

This is a demonstration that a sustainable integration between nature and man is possible. We do not need special technologies to be eco-friendly, first of all it is necessary a study of the territory so that the human activities can have benefits from nature without damage it irreversibly. Only after that the technology may make sense.

Unfortunately today those factories and mills no longer exist. It remains just the memory and the witness of some old businesses that in past had exploited natural resources respecting the environment. A memory that can become an example for the development of modern and future cities, a return to the past that together with the present innovation makes us hope for a greener future.