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A new ecosustainabe farming technique

27 February 2017

The hydroponic farming to help the environment

The sustainable development has become a discussion topic more and more common and a necessity more impellent. The development of urban areas often hinders the road to the eco-sustainability and reduces farmlands, sacrificed to build new urban centers. And what will be our future if we do not have anymore land to farm?

To overcome this impoverishment of our abilities to provide efficiently our basic needs, there are now new ecosustainable landless farming techniques that use the hydroponic technolgy to produce fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants. And you do not need a vast expanse of land but a shed can be sufficient.

In a hydroponic system plants grow out of the ground, in a controlled environment without parasites or other diseases from the soil. This method allows to obtain better results than traditional farming thanks to the constant check of the environmental parameters (light, nourishments, temperature, pH and conductivity) and without using pesticides that are harmful.

Many people bet that these new techniques are the future and they are not wrong if we think about the positive aspects, first of all the saving of land. Then the consumption of water is 95% less than traditional farming and it does not use pesticides. Disadvantages? Mainly just one: costs that make it a special farming technique.

The hydroponic farming maximizes the yield in terms of quality, quantity and speed and for these reasons it is attracting numerous ecosustainable businesses that want to invest for a greener future. In the last few years new start ups have developed technological means to make possible the farming of vegetables at home and numbers are set to grow.