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No green no party

16 January 2017

How to have fun in an ecosustainable way

Do you want to have fun at zero impact? In the era of sustainable development bars and nightclubs can not refrain from offering green solutions for a healthy, conscious and eco-friendly fun. Green has now contaminated several sectors, from accommodation facilities to sustainable fashion, and nightclubs could not remain immune.

The most common strategies are those ones connected to energy saving like energy efficient lighting systems or altenative sources of energy. Other widespread systems are those ones to recover rainwater and flow reducers to optimize the use of water in toilets. Then obviously waste management could not miss even if we have to keep in mind that eco-sustainability does not mean recycle more but consume less.

The architectural building has its role as well! For example a vertical garden covering the external facade of a building used as a disco can represent an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and it alllows to offset the carbon dioxide emissions. And while outside the sustainable architecture technologies are the best solution, inside the eco-friendly initiatives, as using biodegradable glasses to offer drinks, can not miss.

Some businesses invite customers to reach the place avoiding cars but preferring alternative means like bikes or public transport to promote a sustainable mobility. An interesting idea could be a power shuttle as taxi service for customers, an ecosustainable solution that would reduce the risk of drunken driving at the end of the party.

Then there are some innovative nightclubs with a special dance floor that can turn kinetic energy into electric energy. It is a technology still at the experimental stage and for sure it does not represent the only solution to make a disco more ecosustainable. Also less technological strategies can help to improve the impact of many businesses making them more eco-friendly.