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Our partnership with SenzaSpreco

25 May 2016

A tool against food waste for a more ecosustainable retail

It is ethically unacceptable and also constitutes a large percentage of the urban waste production, about 5% European estimates: is the food waste. For this reason our EcoAssessment takes into account managing food surpluses, with specific questions in the area of materials and waste management, for all retail activities dispensing or selling food products.
We are so proud of the new partnership with SenzaSpreco, which provides an invaluable tool for all food companies who want to be more green, avoid food waste, increase their EcoScore and -why not- get extra earnings.

SenzaSpreco is a project of the Florentine cooperative Le Mele di Newton thought to reduce food waste, which offers a real practice to avoid the waste of hundreds of tons of food that are thrown every year despite still edible and meeting the health standards.

Thanks to the web site SenzaSpreco, restaurants, grocery stores, producing companies, supermarkets and greengrocers, but also processing companies, distribution and wholesalers can publish advertisements for the food sale at discounted prices they couldn't sell through regular channels, reducing food waste and generating earnings from what should be wasted. In addition to selling the system also offers the possibility to donate surplus food to charities.

For all Italian companies which have carried out EcoAssessment, SenzaSpreco provides free account for 6 months for the sales service food surpluses. The solutions offered are different: you can opt for direct sales in your store or for a real e-commerce, for example for the farms.

Consumers can subscribe for free to the platform to make sustainable purchasing; a notification system alerts you when there is a new producer or product in your area, and thanks to geolocation of ads, shoppers can find the supplier in their neighborhood.

Doing so sellers can exploit otherwise destined to become waste products and consumers make sustainable purchasing for the environment and for their wallet!

Do you have a restaurant, a grocery store, or managing food company?
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