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The revolution of eco fashion

19 September 2016

Sustainable fashion: much more than a simple trend

From the food to mobility the wish to live in a sustainable way was bound to involve also fashion. Indeed in the last years fashion has increasingly approached the eco-sustainability. Certainly it is not simple changing radically systems based on heavy industrial production to an ecologic and ethical one but many brands are working to produce sustainable clothes.

For example H&M has created limited items for its Conscious Collection, characterized by a green mark that combines ecosustainability with fashion. Clothes for every occasion, from casual to swimwear, gowns and cocktail dresses. The wearability and the manufacture of the garments are the proof that ecology and ethics can qualify together an item against all prejudices on that.

G-star has collaborated with the company Bionic Yarn of the singer and producer Pharrell Williams that converts recycled plastic into textile material. Thanks to this cooperation G-star has conceived “Raw for the Oceans”, a collection of sustainable clothes made from waste plastic scooped up from shorelines all across the globe.

Also many actresses are engaged in sustainable fashion. Gwyneth Paltrow signed collections with some eco-friendly brands like for example Amour Vert, while Rosario Dawson has created for her brand Studio 189 a capsule collection with items made of recycled materials and produced in Ghana to promote African female labour.

Kering, owner of brands like Saint Lauren, Bottega Veneta e Alexander McQueen, has made a partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion of London College of Fashion to promote the ecosustainability also in the fashion world and certainly this union represents an important start point to reflect on the potential and value of eco fashion.