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Sustainable cosmetics as the new European boom... where you can find ecologic products

20 February 2015

We all want to take care of us in the best way ... it is important for our health but also for our appearance!

Sometimes, the most common cosmetics and healthcare products contain substances that are dangerous for our health. For that reason, in the last years, were born and developed lots of commercial activities that sell and produce cosmetics realized with biological raw materials respectful of health and environment!

Some well-known cosmetic firms jumped at the occasion of the green fashion, promoting a lot of products as natural. Let's clarify the topic...
- The biological cosmetic products contain vegetal extracts derived from biological plantations
- We should always look for the certification in the label in order to be sure that it's present
- We need to learn reading the "International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients" - INCI, that is the list of ingredients contained within the product. That list is in the label of each product, so that it's possible to value also that products without a biological certification.

Are you interested in the topic? You could deepen the theme to the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2015 (from March 20 to March 23), where, on March 20th, there will be the international conference titled "Environment, Health, Beauty. The sustainability in cosmetics: an unavoidable opportunity for the future challenges".

In the meanwhile, here there are some examples of places where to find these kind of products around Europe!

Rue de l'Arbalete, 1 Paris A75
Producer and shop devoted on the sell of natural and biological essential oils, and also on products created just using natural ingredients.
There you can find products specific for all needs, rich in active ingredients and with biological certifications.

Via Sant'Egidio, 32/R Firenze FI
It commercializes only natural, biological and ecosustainable products, for the body and make up, specific for all kind of requirements and rich of natural active ingredients with biological certifications.
You will also find nice bags handmade with cotton.

Erica Drugstore
Stationsplein, 37 Amsterdam
Big shop devoted on biological and certified cosmetics, that sells its own brand and the best brands, besides of furniture in natural wood. There is an enjoyable staff, too!

Tell us what you think about and give us your EcoOpinion regarding the shops near you that sell green cosmetics!