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Sustainable mobility

25 November 2015

Ecosustainable mobility, an important goal

We take the opportunity of the 21st Conference on climate change promoted by the United Nations to be held in Paris for the next two weeks to introduce ecologic companies that, in their field, are focusing all on sustainable development. The main theme tackled by our Premiere will be how to counteract global warming and therefore how to reduce gases that accentuate the greenhouse effect on our planet. We agree that most of these gases are produced by the industries but it is also dependent, substantially, by mobility models still too polluting, effecting especially on huge urban areas. Great is the commitment of people towards the issue of ecosustainable mobility. In big cities car sharing services (sometimes electric) are getting more and more popular: through mobile technology they allow to rent a car even for a few minutes, and then leave it anywhere. At the same time, those who cannot renounce to own a car, can now choose between a large offer eco-friendly vehicles, thanks to environmental committed activities focused on selling of hybrid, electric and ecologic means of transportation.

This is the case of Neapolitan ECOSISTEMI Group, EcoAssesed company on our website, which offers especially electric mobility (from the bicycle to the mini-car to the marine engine). The company's strengths are based on: innovation, safety, practicality and quality respecting energy saving. In their various places you can find the answer to the new requirements of sustainability to deal with the city's traffic. All vehicles are selected in a very responsive way and combine aesthetic and ergonomics quality. Not only they provide eco friendly products but their headquarters in Via Edoardo Scarfoglio has obtained The GreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability with a rating of 8.8

In Rome instead we indicate to you BNR Green Mobility or, if you need only a rent transport Green Mobility Rental. Do you know others? Send us your EcoOpinion! Your company deals with ecosustainable mobility? Try the EcoAssess and get TheGreenWatcher Certificate of ecosustainability!

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