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Today we speak about…proximity marketing

11 April 2016

Proximity marketing in the era of mobile apps

In this era in which the computer science represents one of the predominant sector constantly evolving, the available technologies help to improve and make more efficient some operations sometimes also saving resourses in a perfect ecosustainable style. The mobile apps spread like wildfire and proximity marketing becomes increasingly widespread. Let's see to understand what it is.

First of all taking a look at the name “proximity marketing” we can understand that it is an advertising technique that uses the proximity of users. Indeed it works on a delimitated and precise area and it is closely linked to the development of new mobile technologies because they represent the principal broadcast medium. The purpose is promoting the sale of products and services avoiding waste and contributing to the sustainable development.

This kind of marketing does not act on a definite target of users, but on the people that are in an area close to the device through which it is possible to connect. For this reason it can be seen like an evolution of the delivery of paper flyers that, turned into digital material, can become interactive thanks to the available technologies.

The technology that principally helps the diffusion of this marketing is the Wi-Fi connection. The businesses with this connection can send informations directly on the mobile phones of their users that easily can be able to visualize all the available material. Certainly the digitization of information helps to save and at the same time makes more efficient the diffusion, of advertising campaigns for example, so proximity marketing represents an attractive solution for an ecosustainable business.

Proximity marketing uses also other digital technologies like audio messages, videos and projectors so it has a wide area of application. It can be useful not just to shops but also to shopping centers to offer the information about products and anything else or to a cinema to inform about films and trailers. It is useful also in the sector of sustainable tourism because this technology represents a real way to give a right information to visitors from foreign countries.

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