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Today we speak about... organic restaurant

25 April 2016

Healthy eating for everyone

You're still among those who believe that an organic restaurant is a vegetarian or vegan restaurant?

An organic restaurant is simply a local offering organic foods and there are some for all tastes and all “think”. In our post What do we mean when we talk about organic foods we give you some information on what organic restaurants should use as ingredients for their dishes.

The benefits of organic meals are manifold. Meantime, a product certified as green makes clear his origin and his whole production chain and consumers can realize how actually is 0 km. It is also preservatives and dyes free, that are responsible for growing more food intolerances.

In the case of a restaurant the "consumer" of the product itself is the same restaurateur, for this reason, beyond ingredients, there's his philosophy and his seriousness to guarantee what he serves to table. Propose authentic organic foods to its customers is not just a strategic choice dictated by the current fashion, is also the transmission of its health and wellness-oriented ethic.

Very often those who care about health and wellbeing is equally cares about the environment in which they live. So far we have only talked about healthy meals without involving the concept of ecosustainability. The latter in fact also involves other factors: from processes to get eco friendly products to the places where they’re sold or administered. So it would be fine if our restaurant, in addition to preparing healthy eating, is also careful towards energy consumption, recycling and CO2 emissions of their suppliers, just to name some of the key areas that affect an ecosustainable business.

If you want to deepen What is the difference between organic shops and eco -friendly shops read the linked post.

The map of eco-sustainability by The GreenWatcher is growing thanks to your valuable contributions. After going to lunch or dinner please send to us your EcoOpinion.

If instead you feel a real green restaurateurs try to do an EcoAssess of your place and show the Certificate of Ecosustainability you will get. Your customers will know all your efforts to offer them a meal under the banner of ecosustainability.