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7 March 2016

Ecosustainable architecture and sustainable development

The ecosustainability is spreading more and more. The advertising campaigns for the respect of the environment and the awareness of the damage caused by humans over the delicate balance of the planet are generating new actions of sustainable development in different sectors, most of all in architecture.

It is spoken about ecosustainable architecture, called also bioarchitecture or green building in English, to give a definition to buildings that try to reduce the environmental impacts with solutions sometimes simple and at times more technological that help to save resources, energy, but also to make better the quality of the places where people live. Yes because well-designed ecosustainable houses are also self-sufficient houses that minimize the use of mechanical installations maximizing the efficiency of the heat exchanges between buildings and environment to ensure the optimal comfort in the interior rooms.

Today there are a lot of available technologies. In ecosustainable architecture, for example, we speak about passive solar systems and active solar systems. Both use the sun for the energy efficiency of a building, the difference is the way in which the energy is stored. In the first ones, the architectural elements, integrated into the built like simple glazed walls for example, take advantage of the solar radiation for the heating of the interiors through the known greenhouse effect. Instead active systems pick up, store and use energy from renewable sources with installations. You can think about photovoltaic panels for the production of electric energy and thermal solar panels for the water heating.

The wide range of evolving technologies is generating new creative solutions in architecture, new volumes, shapes and structures that are innovative but most of all green and for a sustainable development that respects the environment and the people.

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